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How Soil Movement Affects Sewer Lines

Your sewer lines are buried deep underneath the ground. When your sewer repair professional arrives to provide you with a sewer fix for your home, there are certain instances when he may need to dig up the soil surrounding the line. To achieve proper sewer repair in Seattle, it is a great idea to understand how the soil surrounding your sewer line can affect its safety and performance. As soil shifts and expands, it can cause serious damage to any adjacent sewer lines. Let’s take a closer look at how soil movement affects the sewer lines of your home and why it’s important to know when to call a plumber for a sewer fix. sewer - lines

Soil Shifts and Expands

If your property contains expansive soils, your sewer line could be at risk of becoming damaged after a major storm. Expansive soils are defined as any types of soils that contain a high amount of clay minerals. As the clay minerals in the soil absorb water, they will start to grow and swell. This process of expansion can put a tight squeeze on your sewer lines.

Shifting and Expanding Soil Damages Sewer Lines

Once the process of soil expansion begins, your sewer lines may be in danger. Expansive soil can create significant amounts of pressure as it absorbs water. When the soil starts to swell, it will push against the sides of the sewer lines. Eventually, the sewer lines may begin to crack or leak under the pressure.

Soil Replacement Prevents Movement Related Damage

A simple lab test can help you determine whether your backyard contains expansive soil. If you determine that your sewer lines are buried in expansive soils, you may want to dig up the problematic soil and have it replaced with a less expansive material. Taking the time to evaluate and replace your soil can help you avoid a sewer line repair emergency in the future. Your sewer company can help you decide if soil movement is affecting your sewer line.

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