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What Homeowners Should Expect from Sewer Line Excavation

If pipe lining or trenchless repair is not possible for your sewer drain pipe, your sewer repair company in Seattle may need to perform an excavation for your line. Since a sewer line excavation is a major repair procedure, this sewer fix is typically reserved for maintenance emergencies. Before you have your sewer line excavated, you will want to talk to the plumbing company about what you can expect before, during, and after your procedure. Here is a look at what happens during a sewer line excavation. sewer - excavation

Initial Inspection

Before your plumbing leak company starts to excavate your sewer line, they will need to thoroughly inspect the area. During the inspection, your sewer technician will evaluate the slope and elevation of the current sewer line installation. Your technicians will also need to figure out which areas of the sewer line need to be replaced. To view the damaged areas, your sewer technician may use special camera equipment.

Sewer Excavation

After the inspection has been completed, your sewer company will be ready to start the excavation process. Using specialized digging tools, including backhoes and other pieces of heavy equipment, your technicians will carefully remove all of the soil surrounding the sewer line. After the soil has been removed, it will be placed in a pile so that it can be used to restore the area. Your team will be careful to avoid as many tree roots, shrubs, and other landscaping items as possible.

Pipe Replacement

The final step of a sewer line excavation is to replace the sewer pipe and fill in the surrounding trench. Your technicians will make sure that the new area of pipe forms a tight seal with the remaining pipe materials from the old installation. It is also necessary to make sure that the new pipe is placed on the correct slope and grade for proper drainage. Once the pipe has been installed, the trench will be filled in with the leftover soil.
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