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Site Excavation

Sewer Line Excavation in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Sewer Line Excavation
Having been in business since 2005, our team at Seattle Select Sewers, LLC has proudly helped a number of clients with their drain and sewer system concerns. We understand that it is oftentimes easy to forget about maintenance on drains at your residential, commercial, or industrial site until it is too late and you are experiencing malfunctions. Whatever the problem may be, we are prepared to tackle the problem and find the appropriate solution.

Four Forms of Digs and Repair for Excavation

There are two different forms of repair we use when digging for excavation on a sewer line:
  • Spot Repair: One small hole is made in the pipe. The problem area is generally accessible and in fairly good condition
  • Open Cut: This is done when a longer stretch of pipe needs fixing. It involves the complete digging of a trench.
  • Lining and Directional Drilling
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