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FAQs: Pipe Lining in the Seattle Area

Sewer damage can lead to costly repairs, but there are solutions that might help to reduce the financial impact of repairs without compromising the performance of your home's sewer line. Pipe lining is a type of trenchless sewer repair that can address common residential sewer problems such as old pipes, leaks, or structural damage. Seattle Select Sewers, LLC is proud to feature pipe lining services for homeowners in the Seattle and Bellevue areas who are looking to save money and ensure many more decades without sewer repair. Here's a look at the answers to some questions you may have about pipe lining and its benefits.

How Does Pipe Lining Work?

Instead of replacing your whole sewer pipe, pipe lining will add a snug and sturdy liner to the pipe that will stop leaks or fortify aging sewer lines. This method of repair is often done using a residence's clean out access, which means that very little digging is required.

What Are the Advantages of Pipe Lining?

Many homeowners are drawn to pipe lining, since it offers a repair solution that will not require tearing up the yard. For some homes pipe lining may be the only feasible repair option, because excavation would be very difficult and expensive due to challenges like sewer lines placed below driveways.
  • Less Digging: You do not have to worry about re-landscaping the front yard or risking sewage spill with pipe lining, and you can expect repairs to be done in a shorter timeframe. Even with these advantages, pipe lining can offer a significant improvement in sewer performance for decades to come.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Not only will you save money on your sewer repair project with pipe lining, but you will also eliminate the costs of refilling your yard and making other repairs to the property.
  • Fortified Sewer Lines: Pipe lining is designed to strengthen sewer lines and minimize damage from sources ranging from soil erosion to root intrusion. Therefore, you might consider pipe lining even if you have not experienced leaks or other problems with older sewer lines

How Is Pipe Lining Different from Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is another type of trenchless sewer repair, though it is different from pipe lining. With pipe bursting, access holes are dug on either side of a damaged sewer line. A hydraulic system moves a full-sized replacement pipe through the path of the existing pipe while breaking up the damaged one. Pipe bursting is often more appropriate for city centers and municipalities, and it can be adapted to all types of aging utility lines.
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