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Sewer Repair in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Sewer Repair
Though you probably don't spend much time thinking about your sewer line, it's perhaps one of the most important parts of your property. Your safety and comfort largely depend on the swift removal of waste from your home; if something is wrong with your sewer line, you'll know about it pretty quickly. To ensure that your malfunctioning sewer line gets back on track, it's important that you hire a reputable sewer repair company. Seattle Select Sewers, LLC can provide prompt and effective sewer repair, no matter what kind of problem you may be experiencing.

Common Causes of Sewer Damage

Though there are many causes of sewer damage, some are more common than others. If your sewer line is acting up, one of the following causes is likely to blame.
  • Invasive Roots: Certain tree species are known for their far-reaching roots. If you have a large tree in the vicinity of your sewer line, there's a good chance that its roots will infiltrate the sewer line and cause a leak or blockage.
  • Corrosion: If your sewer line is more than 50 years old, it's more likely to spring a leak as a result of corrosion. Corrosion can happen a lot quicker if you use abrasive drain cleaner for clogged drains.
  • Shifting Soil: The weather in the Seattle area is dynamic. Rain and erosion can take its toll on your property, and shifting soil can cause serious damage to your sewer line.

Aspects of Sewer Repair

Before you call a sewer repair expert, you should have some idea of what to expect. Here are a few aspects of sewer repair that may be relevant to your damaged sewer line.
  • Sewer Inspection: By sending a camera into your sewer line, a sewer repair expert can assess the damage without excavating your yard. This makes it easier to come up with an inexpensive and effective solution.
  • Point Repair: You don't have to replace your sewer line if there's only a small leak. A sewer repair expert can deftly repair the broken section of your sewer line through point repair.
  • Excavation: If your sewer line has significant problems, your sewer repair professional will likely recommend excavation. After digging a trench and removing your old sewer line, your sewer repair expert will install a new line that should last at least 50 years.
If you have any questions about sewer repair in Seattle, call Seattle Select Sewers, LLC at 425-531-4847. We offer sewer inspections, hydro jetting, municipal sewage treatment, and much more.